Research support Core Units

Professionals in the field of imaging, such as magnetic resonance tomography, and medical computer science support the IFB research projects in the "Core Units" Imaging and Data Center.

Core Unit Data Center

Data Center

The data center supports clinical trials in the planning, implementation and evaluation. The Core Unit therefore develops the necessary infrastructure and databases.

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Magnetresonanztomographie der Core Unit Bildgebung

Imaging in Adiposity

This IFB Core Unit provides all project partners of the IFB the possibility to detect risk factors associated with obesity non-invasively by modern imaging such as MRT.

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core unit phänotypisierung

Nutrition and Phenotyping

The Core Unit's aim is to coordinate the assessment of the diverse measurements of participants in clinical trials as well as their nutritional therapy.

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core unit animal models

Animal Models in Obesity

The Core Unit enables scientists to examine certain hormones, the adipose tissue, or metabolims in animal models. Here the genetic heterogeneity and other influences on the results can be minimized.

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