Modulation of adipocyte differentiation, adipocytokine production and other metabolic parameters by psychopharmacological agents in vitro (Prof. Dr. Hubertus Himmerich, completed)

Adiposity is a frequent problem in psychiatric patients, and vice versa, obese patients often suffer from psychiatric disorders. Individuals who take psychotropic drugs often gain weight due to the stimulating effect of the medication on the appetite center of the hypothalamus. This study examines for the first time the metabolic effects on body and fat cells while administrating certain psychopharmacological agents which are associated with loosing or gaining weight. This interdisciplinary study has the objective to understand the weight gain by intake of diverse psychopharmacological agents and their metabolic consequences on a cellular level.


Duration: 01.11.2013 - 30.04.2015


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Head of project

Prof. Dr. Hubertus Himmerich

Endowed Chair of the Claussen-Simon Foundation for Neurobiology of Affective Disorders
Head of project

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