Missed chances for cancer prevention in women? Attitudes towards cancer prevention and screening women with obesity and health care professionals (Prof. Dr. Claudia Luck-Sikorski, Prof. Dr. Steffi Riedel-Heller)

Women with obesity experience a higher risk of cancers, but it has been documented that this patient clientele is less likely to undergo screening and preventive measures. The reasons for this reluctance and delay remain unknown. As data for Germany are lacking, this study aims to explore screening behavior for cancers in women with obesity, perceived causes for or against screening among women with obesity and assessing the provider perspective quantitatively and qualitatively.

This study is a mixed-methods study. For the first research question, 500 women with obesity and 500 women without obesity will be interviewed via telephone.
For research question, qualitative interviews will be conducted with 12 women with obesity to explore reasons for or against screening in more detail. Three women from each obesity class will be interviewed in depth. Research question involves a quantitative questionnaire assessment on practice equipment and attitudes of gynecology practices (gynecologists and practice personnel) in Leipzig. This assessment will be augmented by a qualitative focus group (n=6) again to explore perceived barriers to screening in more detail. Outcomes: This project will give insight on the consequences of obesity in health services regarding cancer prevention. The exploration of prevention behavior of women with obesity and underlying causes for this behavior will help to determine whether and what kind of action for interventions will need to be taken to facilitate cancer screening.

Duration: 01.01.2018 – 30.04.2020

Heads of project:

Prof. Dr. rer. med. Claudia Luck-Sikorski

Head of research group "Stigmatization and internalized stigma in obesity"
Member: student career board
Head of project

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claudia [dot] sikorski [at] medizin [dot] uni-leipzig [dot] de

Riedel-Heller, Steffi

Prof. Dr. Steffi Riedel-Heller

Member: board of directors
Director of the Institute of Social Medicine, Occupational Health and Public Health (ISAP)

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