Improving glucose metabolism beyond the effects of bariatric surgery by standardized postoperative exercise programs (GluMBSE) (Prof. Dr. Arne Dietrich)

For some patients with morbid obesity surgical interventions, like for example the gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass or RYGB), are the only chance to sustainably loose enough weight. The RYGB is the so-called gold standard. In about 70 percent of the patients the gastric bypass operation leads to an improvement of the sugar (glucose) metabolism after the surgery - independently from the weight reduction. It is yet unknown in what way exercise after the intervention supports the positive change in glucose metabolism. Therefore, this study examines the effects of a supervised sports program and whether there are different results in a strength- or in an endurance-training program compared to a control group with normal activity.

The sport program is supervised by sports scientists who adapt the training plans to the individual capabilities. Besides various parameters of the glucose metabolism (oral glucose tolerance test, insulin sensitivity of body cells, etc.) the performance and basal metabolism are investigated in the study participants. Furthermore, the scientists examine the muscles, the energy balance of the cells (mitochondria), abdominal adipose tissue, liver, gut flora and bladder function of the patients.

Duration: 01.05.2015 – 30.04.2019

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Prof. Dr. Arne Dietrich

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