Bacterial translocation to adipose tissue and metabolic diseases (Prof. Dr. Peter Kovacs)

There is a growing number of studies indicating that the gut flora, its composition, and its functions are altered in obese persons and thus contributes to inflammation processes and metabolic diseases. Trials with animal models with high fat feeding suggest that some obesity associated diseases are due to bacterial influences. Therefor this study examines how bacteria in the adipose tissue, the degree of permeability of the guts, the inflammation of adipose tissue and the stage of obesity are interconnected.

These examinations can help to better understand basic mechanisms and effects of specific bacteria in the development of obesity and metabolic diseases. The study results could be important for novel therapies, which concentrate directly on the causes of diseases.

Duration: 01.05.2015 – 31.12.2018

Description of research project

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Prof. Dr. Peter Kovacs

IFB-Professorship "Adiposity and diabetes genetics"
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Head of project

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