Regulators of brown adipose tissue development in children (Dr. Kathrin Landgraf / Prof. Dr. Antje Körner, completed)

Humans have two different types of adipose tissue: White adipose tissue functions as a fat storage in the state of excess energy, while brown adipose tissue esp. in newborns is responsible for producing body heat by fatburning. Preliminary studies have recently shown that also adults have active areas with brown adipose tissue. In the context of this project the function and development of brown adipose tissue in children and its influences should be examined in detail. In the long term this could lead to new therapy approaches, if researchers could stimulate the development of brown adipose tissue.


Duration: 01.11.2013 - 30.04.2015


Description of research project

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Heads of project

Landgraf, Kathrin

Dr. Kathrin Landgraf-Kluge

Former member: student career board
Head of project

+49 341 97-26507

kathrin [dot] landgraf [at] medizin [dot] uni-leipzig [dot] de

Körner, Antje

Prof. Dr. Antje Körner

Member: board of directors
Head of project

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