Neurobiology of conditioning to primary reinforcers and its role in obesity (Dr. Annette Horstmann)

This study should clarify the influence of habitual (conditioned, automatic) behavior on decision making in obesity. Obese people mostly react automatically with increased food intake to the mere view, the smell and the taste of food, regardless of their hunger and energy needs (their homeostatic status). Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRT) the response to these stimuli in obese and normal weight subjects and their impact on eating habits should be verified. Understanding these factors is important in order to improve weight reduction treatments and to recognize and dismantle for example behavioral barriers.

Duration: 01.05.2015 – 31.10.2018

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Dr. rer. nat. Annette Horstmann

Head of research group "Decision making in obesity"
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Head of project

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