Role of calcium-induced NLRP3 activation in obesity-induced inflammationer (Prof. Dr. Ulf Wagner, completed)

The scientists in this project examine how the inflammatory reactions typically occurring in obese patients are associated with calcium in the human body and with calcium receptors (G-protein coupled receptor) on mac-rophages (of the immune system). Therefore, the calcium concentration in the visceral and the subcutaneous adipose tissue is being measured and above all in areas of increased inflammation and cell destruction (apoptosis).

The goal is to better understand the mechanisms of inflammation which are associated with calcium. Based on these findings therapy approaches could be developed to reduce the inflammation-associated diseases in obesity. The inflammation processes increase the risk of typ-2-diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in obese patients.

Duration: 01.05.2015 – 30.04.2018

Description of research project

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Head of project

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