Research professorships

The IFB AdiposityDiseases sets priorities in its scientific work by establishing five research professorships. There are professorships for the endocrinology, for molecular imaging, for behavioral medicine, for the genetics of obesity and diabetes as well as for bariatric surgery.

Endocrinology of obesity

Mathias Fasshauer is professor for endocrinology of obesity at the IFB AdiposityDiseases. He and his scientific team examin which hormones of the adipose tissue (adipokines) contribute to the development of obesity and its complications. The focus is on the adipokines adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein (AFABP), vaspin and chemerin.

Prof. Dr. Mathias Fasshauer

Prof. Dr. Mathias Fasshauer

Head of the obesity outpatient clinic for adults
IFB-Professorship „Endocrinology of adiposity“
Member: board of directors
Head of project

+49 341 97-13380

mathias [dot] fasshauer [at] uniklinik-leipzig [dot] de

Molecular imaging in obesity

Swen Hesse holds the professorship for molecular imaging at the IFB. The researchers of Prof. Hesse's team investigate, which central mechanisms in the brain contribute to the development of adiposity. They also examine which role neurotransmitters play and whether obesity associated central changes can be influenced by therapeutic interventions.

Prof. Dr. Swen Hesse

IFB-Professorship "Molecular imaging"
Head of project

+49 341 97-18081

swen [dot] hesse [at] uniklinik-leipzig [dot] de

Behavioral medicine

Anja Hilbert is professor for behavioral medicine in obesity at the IFB. She and her scientific team research the psychosocial factors that promote developing and maintaining adiposity or obesity-associated eating disorders (e. g. binge eating disorder). They also examine which interventions are effective in the therapy and prevention of obesity and associated disorders.  Learn more

Prof. Dr. Anja Hilbert

IFB-Professorship "Behavioral medicine"
Member: board of directors, internal board
Head of project

+49 341 97-15361 and -15360

anja [dot] hilbert [at] medizin [dot] uni-leipzig [dot] de

Bariatric surgery

Arne Dietrich is professor for bariatric surgery at the IFB. He and his research team examine among others, which bariatric operations are appropriate for young patients, how the intensice care during and after the surgery as well as the after care can be improved.

Prof. Dr. Arne Dietrich

Head of the section bariatric surgery
IFB professorship for bariatric surgery
Head of project

+49 341 97-17230

arne [dot] dietrich [at] uniklinik-leipzig [dot] de

Adiposity- and diabetes genetics

Peter Kovacs is professor for the genetics of adiposity and diabetes. He and his team of researchers scrutinize, which genetic factors regulate the distribution and functions of the adipose tissue. They also analyse which genetic determinants influence the production and effect of adipokines. The interplay of gene-variations and neural mechanisms is an additional focus of research.

Prof. Dr. Peter Kovacs

IFB-Professorship "Adiposity and diabetes genetics"
Member: internal board
Head of project

+49 341 97-15892

peter [dot] kovacs [at] medizin [dot] uni-leipzig [dot] de