Preventive medicine

The junior research group (JRG) "preventive medicine" examines different prevention appraoches für young people and the effectivness of these approaches. Prevention measures are particularly important since many children and adolescents are overweight. About 80 percent remain too heavy as adults.

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Dr. habil. Susann Blüher (front, 2. from left) heads the JRG "preventive medicine". (Photo: IFB Adiposity)

The prevalence of overweight and obesity is already high in children and adolescents, an especially in youths the prevalence rates are still rising. Significant metabolic and cardiovascular and further associated diseases can frequently be found already in these young age groups.

Therefore, the prevention of overweight and adiposity is of prime importance in children and youths.  Prevention should start as early as possible, ideally in kindergartens or primary schools. Additionally the transmission from adolescence to adulthood is a critical period for the development of obesity. Therefore, youths are a special target group for interventions.

The aim of the research group is to establish and validate innovative and effective intervention programs to prevent adiposity and its associated diseases in children and youths. It will be crucial to lower the threshold for participation, to increase motivation and to use new media.

Due to the manifold reasons for adiposity an interdisciplinary approach is inevitable. The research group preventive medicine therefore consists of experts in dietetics (Jana Markert, Catharina Reimann), in sports science (Andrea Grimm, Sandra Reichardt, Stefanie Koormann, Mario Wagner), in health science (Sabine Herget), in psychology (Carolin Güßfeld, Andrea  Schwarz) and in medicine (Susann Blüher, Jacob Käpplinger).

Further information can be found on the website of the junior research group "preventive medicine". Head of the group is Dr. habil. Susann Blüher.

Duration:  2010 - 2015

PD Dr. med. Susann Blüher

Head of research group "Preventive Medicine"
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