Animal models

Since the discovery of the adipose tissue hormone leptin animal models have become especially important in obesity research. One aim of this research group is to identify genes that are associated with adiposity.

Modelltiere Maus
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Animal models are essential for the understanding of the pathogenesis, genetics and mechanisms of human obesity. The basic physiology of molecules associated with obesity and obesity related diseases can frequently only be investigated in animals models. In animal models the genetic heterogeneity and the variety of environmental factors can be minimized, which is prerequisite for research. Animal models of obesity have been a key driver of scientific progress in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying human obesity. The discovery of leptin and adipose tissue-neurocircuits in mouse models are prominent examples which underline the importance of research focusing on animal models of obesity within the IFB.  The junior research group: "Animal models of obesity" provides an animal based experimental platform for different research groups in the IFB. 

Scientific foci of the junior research group

  • Identification of novel candidate genes for obesity and leanness using a backcross strategy between obesity-resistant and obesity-prone mouse strains and in congenic rat strains
  • Generation and extensive characterization of novel transgenic or knockout mouse models of obesity
  • Identification of mechanisms, which protect against obesity-related diseases (Autophagy of adipose tissue)
  • Investigation of the role of biological rhythms on the development of obesity
  • Testing of synthesized satiety peptides as novel treatment approach of obesity
  • Longevity in different mouse models of obesity and in models under different feeding strategies.

Furthermore teaching and practical animal training are performed for participants of the qualification programs for junior scientists (MD pro 1, MD pro 2 and other PhD students). The head of the junior research group "animal models" is Dr. Nora Klöting.

Duration: 1.05.2015 - 30.04.2020

Dr. rer. med. Nora Klöting

Core Unit "Animal Models in Obesity"
Member: student career board
Head of project

+49 341 97-13401

nora [dot] kloeting [at] medizin [dot] uni-leipzig [dot] de