Junior research groups

At the IFB AdiposityDiseasess there are seven junior research groups (JRG), which scrutinize different aspects of obesity scientifically. The groups are headed by distinguished postdoctoral researchers, who have already been working in this scientific field.

Prävention Sport

Preventive medicine

The team of the junior research group "preventive medicine" examins different prevention approaches in young patients and their effectiveness.

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Modelltiere Maus

Animal Models

Since the discovery of the adipose tissue hormone leptin animal models have become important in adiposity research. One aim of this JRG is to identify genes that are associated with obesity.

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Computer Modellierung NWG

Computer-based modeling

With the help of modern imaging brain activity can be measured analyzed via computer programs and mathematically be related directly to the behaviors of a proband.

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Funtionelle Genetik - Epigenetik

Functional genetics

Besides the genes chemical impacts on genes (epigenetic modifications) can influence the development of obesity. Epigenetics are therefore central in the research of this JRG.

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Neuroendokrine Mechanismen - Gehirn

Neuroendocrine mechanisms

Researchers in this field investigate whether excess nutrition and weight gain are changing brain structures, transmitter or hormone effects in the short and long term.

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Neurobilogie der Entscheidungsfindung - Gehirnforschung

Neurobiology of decision-making

The scientists in this field try to find out how unfavorable eating habits in overweight people develop, and how these habits can be changed again.

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adipöse Menschen - Stigmatisierung


The negative assessments and the prejudices of the public toward obese people and the assumption of these assessments by the obese person himself are the central questions in the research here.

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