Obesity & more

03. September 2015

Is severe obesity a disability?

Obesity can be categorized as “disability” in terms of the EU-guidelines for equal treatment in employment and occupation if there are distinct restrictions in the participation in professional life.

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12. August 2015

Is Fat Fabulous?

New plus-size icons, as well as bloggers are triggering a changing view on the mainstream beauty ideal. Campaigns like “EffYourBeautStandards” or slogans like “Fat is Fabulous” call for more acceptance and recognition of people suffering from adiposity and a new definition of beauty.

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30. March 2015

How healthy are eggs? Do they deserve their reputation?

Easter is just around the corner - and that means that the egg consumption increases in Germany, where colored Easter eggs belong to this holiday’s customs. Chicken eggs are not only popular at Easter, but throughout the year as breakfast egg or omelet. How healthy are eggs after all?

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20. March 2015

Adipose tissue endangers physical and mental health

The adipose tissue in people with severe overweight (adiposity or obesity) is more than an energy reservoir. It affects metabolism, immune defense, and even the individual’s psyche. Here certain signaling transmitters of the immune system (cytokines) play a decisive role.

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