MS Pro Research Internship 2019

From July 29th – September 22nd 2019 the Integrated Research- and Treatment Center (IFB) AdiposityDiseases is offering internship positions for interested students.

MS Pro enables medical and science students to gain first experiences in the field of clinical scientific problems during their semester break and thus test their suitability and enjoyment for research. MS Pro is lasting a total of eight weeks and is offered to a maximum of 10 students each semester.

• EU citizen (international students who are enrolled at a university in the EU are also eligible for the internship)
• voluntary and unpaid internship 

Duration: July 27th to September 22nd 2019 (6 – 8 weeks)

• practical research experience
• accompanied by a theoretical program
• possible recommendation for further IFB qualification program

Please send your application containing the following documents to Claudia Silbermann (claudia [dot] silbermann [at] medizin [dot] uni-leipzig [dot] de):
• motivational letter
• curriculum vitae
• university entrance qualification
• certificate of matriculation
• copy of passport (as well as permit of residence in case of international students studying at a university in the EU)
• 3 preferences out of the Research Projects at the IFB 

Application deadline: May 19th 2019