Support for young scientists

The IFB AdiposityDiseases offers young scientists a multistage qualification program. Students of medicine respectively natural sciences, doctorands and persons habilitating can be promoted by specific programs of the IFB, if they are interested in obesity research:

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Research internship MS Pro (Metabolicum-Semester-Break-Program)
The offer of the 6 to 8 week’s research internship is addressed to students of medicine or natural sciences. Beside the practical work in an IFB research project the students get insights to research by special accompanied seminars (Theoretical accompanying program). The research internships are announced two times a year and take place each in the semester break. Further information offers “research internship (MS Pro)”.

Doctorands’ programs MD Pro 1 and 2 (Metabolicum-Doctoral Candidates-Program, level 1 and 2)
These programs promote doctorate studies (MD Pro 1) and first own research projects (MD Pro 2) in the area of obesity research up to 12 months. Each doctoral student is counselled in questions of individual career planning by a mentor. The doctorands’ programs are announced twice a year. Further information can be found at “doctorate promotion (MD Pro 1)” and “own research project (MD Pro 2)”.

Rotation positions MetaRot ( Metabolicum-Rotation-Program)
Physicians who work in hospitals can devote themselves to obesity research for up to two within the MetaRot-program. A rotation job can bring scientific experiences and can help to prepare for a habilitation.  Also in the MetaRot program mentors advise the MetaRot participants in individual career issues. Further information can be found at “Rotation jobs (MetaRot)”.

The recent announcements of the qualification programs can be found at “vacancies”.

Scientific events
Monthly the “Science Lunch” takes place in the Red House (Medical Campus). Scientists, doctorands and external researchers present a their recent work and their projects within the IFB research.
During the lunch break (12 to 13 o’clock) young scientists and health care professionals interested in obesity research can discuss and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

Contact person for all questions about support for young scientists:

For questions about the junior research groups (MetaHabil) and the MetaProf program please contact the IFB managing director Anja Landsmann.