Rotation jobs (MetaRot)

In the MetaRot programme graduated physicians can work at the IFB scientifically for one year and dedicate themselves to their individual research projects within a study group.

Ärztin Rotation
Photo: IFB Adiposity

Four positions per year will be advertised that are each limited to twelve months. Every year there will be an evaluation of the research performances of the MetaRot programme. On the basis of this ranking the two top graduates will be offered to complete the postgraduate master programme Master of Clinical Research and Transitional Medicine financed by the IFB.

The election of candidates is based on the following criteria:

  • project-related preparatory work (own research, promotion, MD Pro1/Pro2)
  • personal aptitude and social commitment
  • research topic of general importance
  • research topic of importance for the IFB
  • innovative working programme
  • feasibility oft he working programme
  • possibility of ongoing funding for the research topic

The board of directors of the IFB will elect the candidates unanimously by their qualification. After a positive vote by the board of directors the research project has to be presented in the form of a poster to the external advisory board.

Interested persons apply for the respective job advertisement to the administration of the IFB. Further information as well as application modalities can be requested under: karriere [at] ifb-adipositas [dot] de