Research internship (MS Pro)

MS Pro enables medical and science students to gain first experiences in the field of clinical scientific problems during their semester break and thus test their suitability and enjoyment for research. MS Pro is lasting a total of eight weeks and is offered for 10 students each semester.

The students work half-time on a research project during eight weeks. This practical collaboration is accompanied by a practical research and theoretical learning programme. The participants create a pre-constructed final report at the end of the internship. The election of the participating students remains in hands of the student career board.
The successful completion of MS Pro is not a prerequisite for an application for a spot in MD Pro1, but it is a positively evaluated important factor.

You may gain an insight into the research internship through the report by Tobias Wohland, who participated in the MS Pro internship-program.

Interested persons should apply in written form for the advertised position. Here you find the information on the present vacancies. If you have questions please contact the IFB administration: