Own research project (MD Pro 2)

MD Pro 2 is directed to outstanding students of medicine and science who want to gain further qualification with a clinical-experimental research project.

Photo: cc flickr ilri

In this second stage of MD Pro doctoral candidates can pursue their own research in a research project of their own additionally to their dissertation.

During MD Pro 2 outstanding students are able to carry out their first individual project with own project funding and a position of their own (student assistant). Students who have MD Pro 1 comparable qualifications (e.g. dissertation during a specially qualified stay abroad) are also welcome to apply. Each year four spots in MD Pro 2 are advertised. For MD Pro 2 students need two free semesters. A young academic in MD Pro 2 is free to choose his or her project within the IFB and will be directly subordinate of the student career board as a “mini group”. In MD Pro 2 there will also be theoretical-scientific presentations accompanying the scientific work available.

The student career board is selecting the MD Pro 2 candidates. Selection criteria are:

  • project related previous knowledge / research of their own
  • personal aptitude and social commitment
  • project of general importance
  • project of importance for the IFB
  • innovative working programme
  • feasibility of the working programme
  • probability of ongoing funding