International meeting of young obesity researchers in Leipzig (LIMIOR) strengthens scientific exchange

Shortly after the first "Leipzig International Meeting for Interdisziplinary Obesity Research" (LIMIOR) on causes and consequences of morbid overweight the conclusions drawn are positive.

LIMIOR Teilnehmer/innen
Young scientists from all over Europe came in Sep. 2015 to the first LIMIOR meeting to Leipzig, Germany. (Photo: IFB Adiposity)

The LIMIOR-participants were from Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Great Britain. The different perspectives of the international guests led to a lively discussion, and also to a draft of common scientific questions. The participants were in different career stages and came from diverse disciplines, such as medicine, neuro-sciences, anthroprology, or psychology.  Due to the discussion and exchange at the LIMIOR-meeting they were able to find foci of common interest and define interdisciplinary research questions and work interfaces.

The theme of this year's meeting "The obese brain in society" had been discussed from a societal and neuro-scientific point of view. Central was the question, how and how much the different disciplines can contribute to examining the causes of adiposity. The connection of environmental and social influences with the human brain has been presented and corroborated by many speakers.

The joint work has strengthend the position, that obesity needs to be scrutinized in interdisciplinary studies, and that mostly these studies will be succussful and show results. To support an interdisciplinary approach has been declared to a major goal for the future. Finally, the participants discused possibilities of cooperations and gave a very positive feedback to the organizers of LIMIOR. More information on LIMIOR are here.

Jonas Klinkenberg