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Start of new obesity treatment program of IFB in Leipzig.

Dieting alone will not help much in loosing weight, especially in cases of a severe obesity. Therefore, the one-year outpatient treatment program  Doc Weight®  of the IFB at the University Hospital of Leipzig offers a more holistic therapeutic support. Small groups of patients have practical and theoretical trainings in healthy nutrition, exercise and eating behavior.

Medical, nutrition, psychology and sports experts of the Integrated Research and Treatment Center (IFB) AdiposityDiseases take care of the program’s participants. Besides the weekly or bi-weekly group meetings the patients are counselled and medically examined individually. The program’s aim is to alter the eating and exercise habits and thereby to reach a weight loss of about five to ten percent of the initial body weight.

“The Doc Weight® Program leads to a higher motivation of the patients due to the support and exchange within the group. The courses by specialized trainers enable the participant to find her or his individual way to loose weight”, underlines Prof. Dr. Mathias Fasshauer, vice director of the clinic for endocrinology and nephrology at the University Hospital Leipzig, obesity researcher and head of the adiposity outpatient clinic.

This special weight-loss-program has been developed by the Federal Association of German nutrition physicians and it is Germany wide accepted by the medical supervising service of health insurers. The costs of 1,705 Euros are partially covered by health insurances. The Doc Weight®Program complements the therapeutic offers of the adiposity outpatient clinic, where obese individuals find help since the year 2010. The IFB also monitors the program scientifically. The first paitent group started the treatment program in October 2013, another group will start in springtime 2014.

Further Information
offers or the Adiposity Outpatient Clinic of the IFB at the University Hospital Leipzig: Tel. 0049 (0)341 / 97-12418.

Keywords: obesity treatment, nutrition & diet, exercise