How to get rid of weight permanently.

Diets do not have the effect they promise. Which strategies help losing weight permanently?

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Diets and weight loss are a weekly topic in the media circus. The shear number of tips and cures, however, often confuse people rather than helping them. They often set wrong and too high expectations. Nutritionists warn that frequent diets are mostly followed by the yoyo effect. That means that the body wants to steal himself after a "famine" and the weight increases when you eat normal again - often higher than before.

What really helps to loose kilos and to keep the lower weight has been the same for decades: It is important to change one's lifestyle permanently, eat healthier and more concious and incorporate exercise in the everyday life. The problem is not finding the right diet but to change your life. This is a big deal compared to a 4-week diet and easier said than done.

Some tips from adiposity experts help starting to change your life: it is important to write a diet journal over a couple of weeks. For many people that is the first time they see clearly what, when and how much they eat and which calories can easily be renounced from. A journal helps with the necessary change in diet - more vegetables, salads and fruits and whole wheat products is the motto here. There are also calory bombs among drinks that can be erased from the menu.

Many people also eat more when they are stressed or frustrated. Therefore a relaxation training such as yoga or autogeneous training might help to find another way to deal with those negative feelings than searching for comfort in the fridge. It can also be helpful to find other comfort and reward strategies for a bad mood such as rewarding yourself with a hot bath or the latest cinema movie with a friend.

Overcoming your weaker self and getting into your running sneakers is the hardest part. The positive thing about sports apart from the additional calory consumption is the better mood and body feeling. It also builds more muscle mass which in turn increasingly burns energy.

In diet as well as with sports a consultation from specialists is recommendable. It makes more sense to change your diet and exercise program in small steps than to burden yourself with too much in a short time. Most people have an easier time dealing with weight loss and sports in a group of like-minded people.

It is also important to set yourself realistic goals, because losing one kilo per month is already a success. Your own family or partner also plays an important role since their support helps enduring it.

With a lot of overweight losing kilos is a lot more difficult and requires professional help in most cases. The IFB outpatient clinics for adults as well as for children and juveniles offer support.

Doris Gabel

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