Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research inaugurates the study clinic of the IFB

Interested persons and patients can support the adiposity research and participate in clinical studies.

Dr. Helge Braun, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) inaugurated the new study ambulance of the IFB AdiposityDiseases on november 15th 2012. Thanks to this new facility the IFB is able to expand its clinical research. The findings from scientific work with study participants can directly influence the development of new adiposity therapies. Another big advantage is the increased networking of scientists and physicians of the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital who will now be able to have an ideal exchange.

Many representatives from politics, public health sector and the University of Leipzig participated in the celebratory inauguration.

(from the left) Dr. Helge Braun (BMBF), Dr. Thomas Feist (MdB from Leipzig), Prof. Dr. Michael Stumvoll (Scientific Director of the IFB), Prof. Dr. Beate Schücking (Director of the University of Leipzig), Holger Mann (MdL Saxony), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fleig (Medical board of the University Hospital Leipzig) and Prof. Dr. Jan Schulze (President of the Medical Association of Saxony) joined a tour of the study ambulance.

  • The federal government of Saxony was represented by Dr. Ronald Werner who heads the department of universities at the Saxon State Ministry for Sciences and Arts.

Guests of the event learned about the different examination methods of the new study ambulance that will help to understand the causes of adiposity better and find new treatment approaches.

Prof. Dr. Anja Hilbert, head of the study ambulance  and psychologist Anne Tetzlaff  explained how eating habits can be analyzed with the Universal Eating Monitor. With the indirect Calorimetry (below) the basic metabolic rate i.e. the daily calory consumption in a state of rest can be measured. Interested persons and patients that would like to participate in a clinical study can find information concerning current studies (in German) LINK on the IFB homepage.

After the inauguration of the study ambulance a symposium with more than 150 visitors took place: Research in Practice - Spotlight on Adiposity. Seven adiposity experts of the IFB informed about current events and findings from research and treatment.

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  • Verschiedene IFB Veranstaltungen informieren aktuell zum Thema Adipositas. (Foto: IFB Adipositas)