"Research is the best medicine“ – Adiposity research in Leipzig expanded

Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research inaugurates the study clinic of the IFB

Leipzig, November 15th 2012.  The new research clinic of the Integrated Research and Treatment Center (IFB) AdiposityDiseases in Leipzig opened its doors on November 15th 2012 for people who participate in scientific studies for the research of morbid overweight (adiposity). Dr. Helge Braun, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) inaugurated the study clinic and emphasized that "the patient care will also be further improved by the deepened patient-oriented and interdisciplinary adiposity research." Because the findings from the clinical research can be used directly to develop more effective adiposity therapies.

The new study clinic in the Red House (Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße 27) of the medical quarter has different exam rooms, interview and training rooms that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Study participants can, for example, be questioned concerning their health status or eating behavior, blood and fat tissue samples can be drawn or collected, the calory usage or the body composition can be measured and the eating behavior can be analyzed with the help of digital examination measures. One IFB research team for example investigates how parental behavior affects the eating habits of toddlers by video taping families while they eat and accompanying questioning.

"The study clinic offers our scientists the chance to do their research in direct neighbourhood to colleagues of different disciplines with patients and test persons. Meanwhile the whole expertise and infrastructure of the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital is right around the corner. Patients can profit early from promising therapies in the frame of a study." explained Prof. Michael Stumvoll, scientific head of the IFB AdiposityDiseases. Young people for example who suffer from binge eating disorder can participate in a coaching at the study ambulance that helps them to get their eating behavior under control again.S

The BMBF is funding a total of eight IFB centers in Germany; the IFB AdiposityDiseases receives about 24 millions over five years. The IFB is a joint facility of the University Hospital and the Medical Faculty of the University of Leipzig since 2010. The University Hospital allowed for the setup of the study clinic by renovating the Red House. At the IFB right now, there are more than 40 interdisciplinary research projects carried out, for example about adiposity genes, different therapy and prevention approaches, fat tissue, hormonal and neuronal influences on the development of adiposity until the connection between sleep, depression and psychological disorders with the eating behavior.

Over 150 interested persons from the fields of science, care and therapeutical professions learned more about those research areas and about new treatment approaches at the symposium "Research in Practice - Spotlight on Adiposity" by the BMBF and IFB (on the same day). The great interest in adiposity is due to the strong growth of the disease: more than half of the Germans is overweight and almost a quarter of men and women are even adipose. The affected persons are greatly suffering from the associated diseases such as type 2 diabetes, arteriosclerosis, fatty liver and high blood pressure and also put a strain on the health care system.

The Study Clinic is the place to go for people and patients that participate in a scientific study. The assignment of appointments is given by the head of the respective study.

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