Custom-made excercise programs

Sports is an integral part of losing weight. With the new spiroergometer the IFB is able to measure how much excercise is good for the patient.

The patients of the Integrated Research and Treatment Center (IFB) AdiposityDiseases that complete an excersice program as part of their treatment can now benefit from a new diagnostic tool: the sprioergometer. "The increasing of physical activity is an important factor of our adiposity therapy. The impact of physical activity e.g. on the reduction of the dangerous internal abdominal fat and the weight loss after bariatric surgery are therefore investigated in clinical studies at the IFB," explains IFB expert Prof. Matthias Blüher. "Naturally the physical excercise should be as individual as possible and be oriented on the performance ability of the patient. Thatswhy the IFB purchased spiroergometers in order to be able to better test the performance ability of our patients."

Under sprioergometry we understand the measuring of diving gases during physical exercise e.g. on a treadmill or a bike ergometer. Initial performance and progression steps of the ordered exercise are determined individually for each patient. With the spiroergometer the exhalation air of the tested patient is analysed. The testperson therefore wears a breathing mask that has a volume sensor for measuring the ventilated air volume as well as a thin hose, the so-called outtake system attached. The percental gas content of the expiration air is compared with the surrounding air. Apart from the stamina performance ability of a test person, also their energy metabolism during physical exercise (indirect calorimetry) as well as performance of the cardiopulmonary system can be tested like that. 

The classic sproergometry is established as a dependable analysing method in medicine for over a hundred years. In the beginning though this diagnostic procedure was only for high perfomance sports. For some time now also leisure sports has benefitted from it though. And now also the patients at the IFB. "Like that we can design custom-made excercise programs but also better measure the success of excercise. And from that ultimately also the patient profits," says Professor Blüher.

Carmen Brückner

Keywords: obesity treatment, exercise