A day in the snow

Winter is coming back! Dr. Susann Blüher has some ideas for great games in the snow - for the whole family.

Skiing, ice skating, sledding - those are the classic winter activities. They are fun and they make you tired becuase they require strength and endurance. But it doesn't have to be the same sport all the time to increase the well-being and your own fitness. "Everything that is fun is allowed," says Dr. Susann Blüher. Hiking through the snow and building a snowman also is good exercise. "Every type of exercise in the snow is healthy - given that it is appropriate to the age and development of the children and you do it during an appropriate amount of time." Dr. Susann Blüher, IFB expert and specialist for pediatric and adolescent medicine and graduate physical education teacher Andrea Grimm have collected some tips for even more fun in the snow - for the whole family:

Who's gonna be the snow king?

If the snow is sticky enough you can compete rolling it into a big snowball. Every player has five minutes time to make a huge snowball. The player with the biggest snowball after time runs out is the snow king.

Lights off!

Build two groups and let both of them build a snow fortress (a 50cm high snow wall). The fortresses are build facing each other. There are several tealights behind each wall. The knights of the fortress are hidden in the safety behind their wall and behind the tealights. They are gonna try to extinguish the opponent's tealights with snowballs. Which fortress is the first to be dark? Is also a lot fun in the dark!

Which is the preetiest snowman in town?

The task for each group is to build a snowman. Afterwards the snowman will be judged. Criteria can include: height, amplitude, look, cloths and accessories, stability etc.

Buttons for the snowman

This time you don't actually build a snowman but draw one into the snow with a stick. Of course it wears a long cloak and the row of buttons consists of a line from head to toe. Every player now gets the same amount of buttons. The players go to the throwing line and try to throw the buttons so they fit the line. Every fitting button counts one point.

Backing Tray Sledge

If you run out of sledges a backing tray might be a good alternative. Obviously you wouldn's steal the ones in mum's oven, but take old ones that have already been discarded. You can slide downhill amazingly well on a backing tray even if stirring is a challenge at times.

Stepping snow pictures

One child is stepping a picture in the snow with its feet and the others have to guess what it could be, e.g. dog, house, car and so on. The pictures can obviously also be drawn into the snow with sticks.

Hats off!

You build a snowman, put a hat on his head and then try to shoot it off his head with snowballs.

Snowball Jumping

You build four different sized big snowballs and try to jump over them without destroying them.

Snowball Relay

You need two groups with an equall amount of players. Mark a track with sticks. Every group is building as many snowballs as they have players. The first child carries a spoon with its snowball on it. The start racing on signal. The have to run in slalom around the sticks without letting the snowball drop. Which group finishes first and has lost the smallest number of snowballs?

Keywords: exercise, children & youths