Topics like healthy nutrition or the causes, consequences and therapies of obesity were central in the public events of the IFB. Congresses and advanced trainig courses about current research and treatment approaches aimed at scientists, physicians, and healthcare professionals.

Beim IFB Dialog 2012 diskutierten Experten und Besucher über die Ursachen von Adipositas. Die bekannte TV-Moderatorin Franziska Rubin führte durch die Veranstaltung.
The famous TV-host Franziska Rubin (right) led the discussion at the IFB Dialogue 2012. (Photo: IFB Adiposity)

Public Events about Health Issues

The annual IFB Dialogue - an information and discussion event for the public

Since 2011 the IFB annually offers an IFB Dialogues on an interesting aspect of obesity research or treatment for the public.  A group of experts informs about a special issue and has a panel discussion. The experts also answer questions of the audience.

Topics of the well-attended IFB Dialogues were:

The IFB participates additionally in the bi-annual Night of Sciences in Leipzig, and in further events on obesity.

Verschiedene IFB Veranstaltungen informieren aktuell zum Thema Adipositas. (Foto: IFB Adipositas)
More than 150 scientists and physicians came to the obesity congress in Nov. 2012. (Photo: IFB Adiposity)

Medical and Scientific Events

In November 2015 the first "Symposium / Research Days Bariatrics and Adiposity" of the IFB and the University Hospital Leipzig took place in Leipzig with about 100 participants from sciences and medicine.

2013 offered a series of advanced training courses "XXL-Factor: Obesity in Research and Practice" informed doctors, dieticians, and other healthcare professionals in eleven evening courses about up-to-date scientific results and therapies. Furthermore the IFB offered a special symposium at the annual congress of the German Obesity  Association (DAG) 2013.

The obesity congress of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the IFB AdiposityDiseases in November 2012 "Research concrete: Adiposity in the Focus" attracted about 150 scientists and physicians from all over Germany.

The grand opening of the IFB study clinic took place with Dr. Helge Braun, parlamentary state secretary in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, on November 15, 2012. The study clinic, which could be realized with the support of the University Hospital Leipzig, helped to extend the IFB's clinical trials.