The IFB AdiposityDiseases cooperates with diverse institutions in the field of medicine, obesity, and nutrition. Moreover, the center offers different events for the population, scientists and health care professionals.

Das IFB kooperiert mit den Forschungseinrichtungen der Universitätsmedizin Leipzig. (Foto: IFB Adipositas)


The IFB cooperaties with many hospitals and institutes of the University and University Hopital Leipzig, as well as with medical associations. The IFB also cooperates with a local supermarket (REWE).

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Beim IFB Dialog stehen Experten für Fragen bereit. (Foto: IFB Adipositas)


Public, medical, and scientific events with the focus on an aspect of obesity meet great interest in the public, among healthcare professionals, and scientists. The events dealt with diverse issues.

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