The 3rd Nordic Neuroscience Meeting in Helsinki – Day 2

Brain Lab is visiting Helsinki to explore the neurosciences of our Nordic Neighbours. A daily report.


On the agenda are the 3rd Nordic Neuroscience Meeting and a visit to the new lab of group leader Annette Horstmann, who was recently appointed as an Associate Professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the Department of Psychology and Logopedics at the University of Helsinki. In a range of posts, we will share some of the highlights of our visit.

The second day, Thursday June 13th, was filled with interesting talks, symposia and two poster sessions. The lecturers gave us fascinating insight into their research covering cellular bases of brain function and behavior. Outstanding was a plenary lecture held by Carmen Sandi whose recent studies investigated cell organelles and how they impact anxious behavior.

Another highlight of the day was the dinner in the evening with all scientists who attended the conference coming together at Helsinki’s famous restaurant Sipuli for delicious food and conversations. With this amazing opportunity of getting in touch with the experts in neuroscience for sharing ideas and experience, an inspiring day came to an end.

Nora & Franziska (MD Pro_2, IFB AdiposityDiseases)